Our Mission

We are setting the new standard to find your Healthy Active Lifestyle Options!

Via HALO is committed to connecting today's health and wellness consumers with the industry's accredited professionals. We will empower the consumer to vet  and communicate with all types of wellness providers through our trusted network, and their close social circle.

Our Story

Stefanie Gross knows the pain points of both the consumer and the provider in the health and wellness industry. She has hosted hugely successful wellness events with organizations like the Miami Dolphins, and Lululemon Athletica. Stefanie's Yoga Wave Expos brought together thousands of wellness community members, charities and professionals. As a result of her successful events, she became the trusted source to connect health and wellness consumers, providers and studios with one another.

Stefanie receives 100 of messages, and phone calls a week from community members asking for recommendations on all types of wellness providers such as nutritionists, coaches, instructors... the list goes on!  Sure, it's a pleasure to connect people, but why wasn't there an easier solution? There needs to be a way to automate this tedious, word-of- mouth process, and just like that, a serendipitous light bulb lit and Via HALO was born.


Meet the Team

You are who you surround yourself with! At Via HALO we take our team as seriously as our mission and vision in order to provide our consumers and providers with the best possible service.

Your health and wellness is our priority.


Stefanie Gross

Founder & COO

Yoga Teacher and Athlete


Lululemon Legacy Ambassador

Wellness Expert

15+ Yrs. in Wellness Education


Next Steps...

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